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updated on April 17th,2008 ;; 04AM
Do this anonymously.

1. One secret.
2. One compliment.
3. One random thing.
4. One love note.
5. Lyrics to a song.
6. How long we've been friends.
7. And a hint to who you are. Something that I will know who you are but no one else will.

legit entry in a little bit probably, but since this has to be public I'm gonna do it seperately.
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updated on April 1st,2008 ;; 06AM
leave an anonymous comment about something, anything.
what you're thinking, how you feel, something you want to get off your chest.
what you love about me, what you hate about me.
stuff that reminds you of me.


&& it doesnt have to be anonymous if you dont want.
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updated on February 20th,2008 ;; 03PM
1. Pick 10 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Fill in the film title once it's guessed.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions

"Brilliant, isn't he? Completely demented, of course. Terrifying to be in the same room with him. But he's really been there, you know? He's looked evil in the eye!" Harry Potter 4

"It's been many years since I had such an exemplary vegetable. "

"I was left for another man. And not just any other man, a trainer. A trainer named Dash. I was left for a punctuation mark." Broken Hearts Club

"Fuck me. If I knew we was going to a bar mitzvah, I would have brought me fuckin' skull cap."

"Your men love you. If I knew nothing else about you, that would be enough." A Knight's Tale

"Let me explain it to you. Mitchell's the man. I'm the idiot. You're the screw-up. And we're all losers." Empire Records

"Fuck me in the beard. "

"Here comes the dog, strong and brave - woof! Here comes the dog, your life he...
[falls into a hole] "

"I'm allergic to fabric softener. I majored in comparative literature at Brown. I hate anchovies. And I think I'd miss you even if we never met." The Wedding Date

"I'm a world-class assassin, fuckhead. How do you think I found out?"
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updated on February 18th,2008 ;; 03AM
I posted a bulletin about this, but I wanted to make a livejournal entry about it as well for those of you who don't read bulletins or just won't see it for whatever reason.

Saturday night I was reminded of how cruel and inhumane people can be.

I'm just now getting around to posting this but I've been really upset about it since it happened.

Katie, Jerome, and I were spending Jerome's last night in town at our favorite diner/cafe. We got on the train to head back and Katie and I were sitting in the seats directly to the right of the door (I don't know how many of you ride CTA trains or how familiar you are with the seating, but I'm talking about the ones that face the opposite side of the train as opposed to the front or back of the train) and Jerome was sitting to our right. Behind Jerome there was a group of about five young guys, I would say ages 17-19, and across the aisle from him there was a homeless man sleeping. The guys behind Jerome were being really loud and obnoxious, throwing balls of paper at the sleeping man and yelling at him to wake up. I thought it was pretty disgusting, the lack of decency towards other people, but he just stayed as he was so I figured if it didn't bother him there was no reason for me to get worked up over it. About 6 stops before we got off the train, another group of kids around that age, male and female, got on the train and they happened to know the guys that were already on there. There wasn't room for them on our right, where their friends were, so they stayed in the area by the doors, to our left, putting us directly in the middle of about 15 people. They all continued to talk loudly about what stops they were getting off at and so on. At the stop before ours they began harassing the homeless man again, pulling on his arm and yelling "YOU'RE MISSING YOUR STOP, ALL BUMS GET OFF AT JACKSON!" He was very barely awake and was trying to go back to sleep when the train began moving again, then the kid who was standing directly in front of me grabbed hold of the bars for standing passengers, pulled himself up, and began to kick the sleeping man in the face with both of his feet. I almost vomited right that second out of shock and disgust. As the train was coming to a stop they began yelling at the man to get off at that stop or else they would beat him. I can't think of any reason for this, as all he was doing was sleeping. I honestly can't imagine what he could have done in his sleep to make them so angry about him being on the train. We got off the train, as did the homeless man to avoid being beaten. I had to stop walking because I was shaking and crying uncontrollably, I honestly can't explain why it had such an effect on me but I still have to hold back tears writing this. We walked up to him to give him ten dollars so he could get something to eat and have money left over to get back on the train to sleep for the rest of the night, and before we said anything the man asked, "What did I do to them?" This was possibly the saddest part of it all; the look on his face, and the fact that I was at a complete loss for words, as I myself had no idea what he could have possibly done to them, and I still don't. I could barely speak to him because I felt so terrible and I was really worried that I was going to throw up. I still feel really terrible about the whole thing. I know that people have done and will continue to do much worse things to their fellow human beings, but it's so different when you witness something like that than just hearing a story about it.
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updated on February 16th,2008 ;; 03AM
Pick ten movies, look up their keywords on IMDB, and then post three of said keywords so people can guess at the movies you chose. No cheating!

1. Lost pet, Journey, Reunion
2. Fighting, Soccer, West Ham
3. Terminal Illness, First Love, Rebel
4. Knight, Tournament, Rock Music
5. Family Values, Gay Brother, Marriage Proposal
6. Music Store, Shoplifting, One Day
7. Severed Tongue, Shakespeare, Pie (I will be really impressed with whoever gets this)
8. Ex-Convict, Broadcasting, African American

I don't feel like doing 2 more. the end.
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updated on February 12th,2008 ;; 10AM
I've come to realize that everyone who has ever really loved me has grown to hate or resent me in some way.

and that really sucks.
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so today kind of sucked. [
updated on February 12th,2008 ;; 12AM
I need:

-more friends who understand me
-a pocket dictionary for dates apparently
-an automatic knowedge of audio systems and recording technology
-to go back in time and take piano lessons
-to go to 2002 tomorrow(the apartment, not the year) and see my boys
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updated on December 31st,2007 ;; 11AM
I have no idea how to say what's n my mind right now. I just want more than this, and I keep waiting for it to change, but I have no idea if it ever will.
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updated on August 17th,2007 ;; 10PM
So I'm in the middle of going through all my stuff an packing to get ready to move, and tthe other day I went through all my boxes of sentimental and random shit. It was really weird.

notable finds:
-some pictures from when I saw new found glory on st patrick's day 2005. yes, I took them with a disposabe camera, and yes, there is a picture of me with ian grushka in there.
-a thank you card from chris after we sent him sex and the city.
-a card from joya talking about how we are crazy to be spending so much money on "that fagel" and offering her "6 dolla"
-a christmas card from margot in 2005 talking about how amazing spring flyaway is going to be.
-pictures of me with each of the comley brothers in 2004, including the one where kyle shouted "SIAN LUVS KYLE 4EVA" right when we took the picture so we're both cracking up.
-an old bayside setlist written on half a sheet of notebook paper.
-Hit The Lights' "Leaving Town Tonight" on a CD-R that they gave me sometime in 2003 or 2004 I think. It says "www.hitthelightsmusic.com" on it. this was obviously pre-myspace.
-This ad for NFG's "Catalyst" that Tim stole for me off the window of a record store a couple weeks before the cd came out.
-a green bandana signed by panic! at the disco at first flyaway. and I mean Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, and Brent.
-letters from sabrina and roberta from last summer
-a certificate naming me "most likely to kidnap joe" as voted by ock. and the accompanying prize.
-and all the ticket stubs I've saved. lots of memories in those.

it's so weird that I'm leaving lexington in a few days. it's really hitting me as my room starts to look more empty. as much as I've wanted to leave for so long, there are things I'll miss.
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updated on April 7th,2007 ;; 02PM
leave an anonymous comment about something, anything.
what you're thinking, how you feel, something you want to get off your chest.
what you love about me, what you hate about me.
stuff that reminds you of me.


&& it doesnt have to be anonymous if you dont want.

I've turned off IP logging.
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ehhn [
updated on January 29th,2007 ;; 01PM
List 5-10 things that you want to get off your chest. Things that youwould say to people just before you died, because we never know,tomorrow could be our last. (don't mention names, initials if youabsolutely have to.) repost!

1. I feel like you're constantly trying to compete with me, and that's the only reason we're friends anymore. I am so sick of you trying to one up me all the time, cause guess what? You never will. You will never live the life I live.

2. I think you are the most amazing person I know. You're smart, driven, selfless, and you love every part of life. You don't let petty shit bother you and you take everything in stride. You have so much potential, and of all my friends, I am most excited to see where you go in life. I wish I could be more like you. And you are way too modest about all of it to ever realize this is about you. You'd probably even reply saying "OH I KNOW NUMBER 2 IS ME" jokingly because you would never actually think it is you.

3. You one of my best. You are one of two people that understand me better than anyone else. You can understand how funny my inside jokes are even when you aren't a part of them, but you just get me so well that you can see why they're funny. I think if I ever had a twin sister she'd be something like you. I love you so much.

4. You are the other one of those two. Often times I find myself in a group of people, making a joke that no one understands because they aren't you, and I wish that you were right there with me to laugh about it, cause you're the only person in the world who would.

5. You completely consume me. I am head over heels in love with you and I wish I could be with you everyday. I love you so much that sometimes, when I'm away from you I physically ache because of it. At this point I really don't care if you know because it's better than holding it in whenever I'm with you and you put an arm around me and everything inside my chest explodes. I'm not even making sense. This is what you do to me. We're already best friends, and I know we'd be amazing together. I just don't know if I can keep waiting for you to realize that. I don't understand why she got her chance and she got to screw you over, because if I ever got to be with you I would do everything in my power to make sure nothing hurt you, ever.

6. You make me laugh until my insides hurt. You are such a beautiful person and I am so lucky to call you one of my best friends. You can be difficult at times but I just think about the way you are most of the time, and how much fun you are and I can forget about all the drama. It kills me that so many people have trouble doing that, sometimes when they are bitching about you I honestly think less of them because they let that petty shit make them forget about everything amazing in you.

7. I hate that you've let him do this to you. You've let him change who you are. You've turned into someone just like him because you think it will make the things he does hurt less. Just cut him off already and go back to being the girl I know and love, cause I miss her. It makes me so sad to see you on this track.

8. You are so fucking pathetic. Not to mention, insane. Stop making shit up so people will know your name. It's ok to just be human, you don't have to be infamous.
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updated on April 30th,2006 ;; 08PM
K go join blingo

They give away prizes just for searching for stuff


if you click there and join and then win something I win it too.
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updated on April 15th,2006 ;; 08PM
Lmao over all I liked the results I got last night, so I'm doing this again. So if you didn't do it last time do it now! Or do it again.

leave an anonymous comment about something, anything.
what you're thinking, how you feel, something you want to get off your chest.
what you love about me, what you hate about me.
stuff that reminds you of me


&& it doesnt have to be anonymous if you dont want.
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updated on April 15th,2006 ;; 12AM
leave an anonymous comment about something, anything.
what you're thinking, how you feel, something you want to get off your chest.
what you love about me, what you hate about me.
stuff that reminds you of me.


&& it doesnt have to be anonymous if you dont want.
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updated on March 15th,2006 ;; 09PM


illswimbackwards (12:19:21 AM): OMFG EW NO FAIR
illswimbackwards (12:19:29 AM): OK SO DELISH GUY ADDED ME EARLIER
illswimbackwards (12:19:35 AM): AND I MESSAGED HIM
illswimbackwards (12:19:42 AM): AND I JUST SAW THAT I HAD NEW MESSAGES
illswimbackwards (12:19:58 AM): AND OMFG NO IT WASNT
xhey there love (12:20:01 AM): lol
xhey there love (12:20:03 AM): =(
illswimbackwards (12:20:04 AM): IT WAS SOMEONE NAMED DARNEL
illswimbackwards (12:20:15 AM): http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=61898357
kil1r0ckstars (12:20:18 AM): wtf name is that?
skyward smile (12:20:30 AM): oh secksi
illswimbackwards (12:20:39 AM): AND LOOK AT WHAT THE DAMN MESSAGE SAID
illswimbackwards (12:20:50 AM): "hey babe, send me some toples pics to my email and i will add you babae.....nude pics are cool to....i'll send you some nude pics of me that will blow yo mind
illswimbackwards (12:20:56 AM): hit me up darnel1986@yahoo.com also, hit me up wit yo number boo......i wanna get to know you. "
xhey there love (12:20:56 AM): EW
xhey there love (12:20:57 AM): lfmao
xhey there love (12:20:59 AM): lmfao*
xhey there love (12:21:02 AM): what a sick pedo
xhey there love (12:21:03 AM): its pete
illswimbackwards (12:21:06 AM): LMFAO SOME EMAIL HIM NOODS OF PEET
x not the fame (12:21:08 AM): ew
x not the fame (12:21:09 AM): lmfao
x not the fame (12:21:09 AM): OMG
x not the fame (12:21:10 AM): DO IT
x not the fame (12:21:10 AM): SIAN
xhey there love (12:21:12 AM): LMFAO DO IT
illswimbackwards (12:21:15 AM): lmfao
xhey there love (12:21:25 AM): be like 'here ya go big boy'
illswimbackwards (12:21:31 AM): LMFAO LAFMAKDNMG
x not the fame (12:21:32 AM): lmfao
x not the fame (12:21:33 AM): hahahahah
xhey there love (12:21:36 AM): lololoolol
xhey there love (12:21:40 AM): "from one big boy to another"
illswimbackwards (12:21:42 AM): I'll be like "this is what's under the skirt"
xhey there love (12:21:47 AM): ;llolooooll
xhey there love (12:21:55 AM): "my surgerys arent dont yet"
illswimbackwards (12:21:55 AM): OMFG I AM LIKE DYING LAUGHING
xhey there love (12:21:59 AM): done*
illswimbackwards (12:21:59 AM): LMFAO TEARS GUYS
x not the fame (12:22:03 AM): hahahahahahah
x not the fame (12:22:04 AM): LMFAO
x not the fame (12:22:06 AM): AHAHAHHAHAHAHHA
x not the fame (12:22:09 AM): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA
illswimbackwards (12:22:12 AM): omfg
x not the fame (12:22:15 AM): OMG..HEATH AHHAHAHAHAHA
xhey there love (12:22:21 AM): lmfao
illswimbackwards (12:22:23 AM): everyone needs to read this
illswimbackwards (12:22:26 AM): EVERYBODY
illswimbackwards (12:22:31 AM): COME AND SEE HOW FUNNY WE ARE
x not the fame (12:22:37 AM): lmfao
xhey there love (12:22:46 AM): lmfao
xhey there love (12:23:17 AM): "i know this is shocking. but dont worry. two more surgeries and im officially female"
illswimbackwards (12:23:23 AM): lmfao
x not the fame (12:23:28 AM): LMFAO
x not the fame (12:23:29 AM): AHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
xhey there love (12:23:35 AM): haha
xhey there love (12:23:39 AM): hed be like "O.o"
illswimbackwards (12:23:53 AM): omg what if he was like "alright, I'm down with that"
xhey there love (12:23:55 AM): lmfao e
xhey there love (12:23:56 AM): w
x not the fame (12:23:58 AM): "you might not get those topless pics you were hoping for.. thats my last surgery"
xhey there love (12:24:01 AM): or hes lke "me too "
x not the fame (12:24:04 AM): LMFAO
illswimbackwards (12:24:09 AM): LMAO AMWO
illswimbackwards (12:24:12 AM): OMG HEATH
illswimbackwards (12:24:13 AM): LMDAFGKNDMG
xhey there love (12:24:14 AM): lmfao
x not the fame (12:24:15 AM): lmfao..if he said that..i would DIE
xhey there love (12:24:20 AM): lmfao DUHA SDGKJLASDGL
x not the fame (12:24:26 AM): that woudl be liek a mllion times better
xhey there love (12:24:31 AM): lmfao yes

A few moments later...

illswimbackwards (12:26:24 AM): LMFAO GUYS I SENT IT
x not the fame (12:26:30 AM): LMFAO
x not the fame (12:26:31 AM): SIAN
x not the fame (12:26:33 AM): AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH
x not the fame (12:26:38 AM): WHAT DID YOU SAY?
illswimbackwards (12:26:41 AM): I was like "Ok, here's what's under the clothes..."
xhey there love (12:26:42 AM): LMFAO SIAN WHAT UP GOOD JOB
xhey there love (12:26:45 AM): HAHHAHAHAHAHAH
illswimbackwards (12:26:53 AM): then I put the pics way at the bottom so he has to scroll to em
xhey there love (12:26:59 AM): lmfao
illswimbackwards (12:27:16 AM): and I was like "Don't worry, two more surgeries and I'm officially female. I hope you're still interested."
xhey there love (12:27:23 AM): LMFAO YOU SAID THAT
x not the fame (12:27:23 AM): LMFAO
xhey there love (12:27:24 AM): OMFG
x not the fame (12:27:24 AM): OMG
x not the fame (12:27:26 AM): AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA
xhey there love (12:27:28 AM): LMFAO OH GOD JALKDGJKSAL
x not the fame (12:27:29 AM): HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH
xhey there love (12:27:30 AM): THAT IS COMEDY
illswimbackwards (12:27:31 AM): LMFAO YES
x not the fame (12:27:31 AM): I JUST DYED
xhey there love (12:27:32 AM): PURE GOLD
x not the fame (12:27:32 AM): OMG
x not the fame (12:27:34 AM): AHAHAHHAHAHAHHA
xhey there love (12:27:34 AM): LMFAO DIED
xhey there love (12:27:36 AM): WTF DYED
x not the fame (12:27:36 AM): *DIED
xhey there love (12:27:37 AM): JAHAHHAHA
x not the fame (12:27:39 AM): I KNOW
x not the fame (12:27:41 AM): I REALIZED IT
illswimbackwards (12:27:49 AM): OMG IT SAYS HE ALREAD READ IT
x not the fame (12:27:53 AM): LMFAO
x not the fame (12:27:55 AM): AHAHHAAHAHHAHAH
x not the fame (12:28:02 AM): OMFG..PLEAE REPLY BOY
x not the fame (12:28:16 AM): lmfa
x not the fame (12:28:17 AM): o
x not the fame (12:28:18 AM): im so excited
illswimbackwards (12:29:07 AM): ungh fucking myspace, LOAD DAMMIT
illswimbackwards (12:30:34 AM): OMFG HE REPLIED
illswimbackwards (12:30:44 AM): "stupid ass white bitch...all yall white bitches easy to fuck anyways "
x not the fame (12:30:49 AM): LMFAO
x not the fame (12:30:51 AM): HAHAHAHAHA
skyward smile (12:30:52 AM): lmao
xhey there love (12:30:55 AM): LMFAO
x not the fame (12:30:55 AM): HAHAHAH
skyward smile (12:30:56 AM): kay that is hilarious
xhey there love (12:30:57 AM): RUDE
x not the fame (12:30:57 AM): HAHAHAHAHAH
xhey there love (12:30:59 AM): BUT HILAR
illswimbackwards (12:30:59 AM): lmao
x not the fame (12:31:03 AM): lmfao
illswimbackwards (12:31:04 AM): silly darnel


It went a bit further but that's the meat of it.
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updated on February 13th,2006 ;; 10PM


Landon and I are getting married.
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updated on February 12th,2006 ;; 08PM
yea, but you still took it the wrong way.
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updated on January 5th,2006 ;; 09PM
Hey guys, I need a HUGE favor

Make an entry in your journal with this banner in it, and make it public

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

If you don't know how just ask me. If you want to help even more put it in your myspace and send me the link.
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updated on January 5th,2006 ;; 07AM
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updated on October 31st,2005 ;; 03PM
Awful ending to a perfect weekend.


RIP John Beatz. You meant so much to us.
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